The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

The Theatre at Home system offers you the complete home cinema experience that can be installed in any home.

A key feature of the system is that it installs into your home without needing to run cables within your wall structures or modify the room.


Why Theatre at Home?

Theatre at Home was designed to make the cinematic experience accessible, customisable and easy to install for all, regardless of whether you’re a renter or homeowner. Prioritising both you and your home’s needs, our engineers and system designers have created packages that allow you to enjoy the full experience of a blockbuster movie or major sporting event in the comfort of your own home.

A key feature of the system is that it installs into your home without needing to run any cables within your wall structures.

Setting it up is quick and easy! You can either install the system yourself or via our nationwide installation partner, Optus.

Designed by Home Theatre Experts

Our experienced team of engineers and system designers have developed a concept that allows anyone to enjoy this experience in their home or apartment, regardless of whether you are owning or renting.

As all components are pre-configured, pre-programmed and tested accordingly to suit each client’s order and room – only the simple final room calibration process for the AV receiver and projector need to be completed on-site. 

Our speaker systems are designed to be your home cinema's hidden gem

You can truly focus on the movie experience!

You won’t be distracted by anything in your room other than the big screen, unless you turn on those optional starry lights! 

Our speakers are installed in custom made cabinets and are concealed behind the acoustic screen and the acoustic ceiling whilst the subwoofer is installed within the sleek cabinet, so you won’t be able to tell where the sound is coming from. 

The WOW Experience

Add the extra wow factor that will create a more immersive experience with custom upgrades:

Full Support For Full Performance

Our support team is always on call and dedicated to making your experience with Theatre at Home a great one. They will be available to assist you to make sure your system is always performing to its full potential.

Your Theatre At Home Inclusions:

Every system includes Dolby Atmos as standard

Every system can be upgraded to include additional speaker channels.

The system includes 7 speakers but whether you want 5, 7, 9 or 11 speakers or multiple subwoofers the Theatre at Home system has been designed to accommodate it all and you can even grow the system and add more speakers and elements at a later date.


Home Automation

Not only does Theatre at Home include a fantastic audio-visual system but it also comes with the World’s leading home automation control system, Control4.

The system allows one-touch control from an App or a Control4 remote and controls the sound, picture, and lights in your new theatre room. And when you are ready to expand the system you can extend it throughout your home to control other technology items such as lighting, security and more.

Create the home theatre you've always wanted!