The Living Room

The revolutionary Theatre at Home system is now available in a model designed for open plan living areas.

The Home Theatre version was engineered to provide you with the true home cinema experience in the comfort of your own home without needing to modify or pre-wire your room.

Whilst the ultimate home cinema experience is best achieved in a dedicated room, we know that many clients want to enjoy the home theatre experience in other areas of their home or apartment.

In the room

Theatre at Home for your living room offers all the benefits of our Home Theatre version including a 7 speaker Dolby Atmos sound system, one touch operation via Control4, custom cabinetry and an acoustic ceiling to conceal all of your electronics and speakers but is designed to work with your TV.

The system includes an electric fireplace, LED feature lighting and you can even add starlights to the acoustic ceiling. Best of all, you don’t need to run any cables in your walls or ceilings and the system can be taken with you if you move.

Living Room System

AV System & Aesthetic
$ 24,000
  • Onkyo TXSR494 AV Receiver
  • Klipsch Custom Series 7 Speakers
  • Klipsch R-101SW 10" Subwoofer
  • Two Acoustic Ceiling Panels w/ Integrated LED Lighting
  • Theatre at Home Front Cabinet (2800mm wide)
  • Theatre at Home Front Wall w/integrated lighting
  • Integrated Fireplace
  • Control4 Room Controller for AV & Lighting
  • All Cables, Accessories & other required parts
  • Premium 7 Outlet Surge Protection Power Board

Customise your experience

Upgrade your room

Add Starlights
Add Stars in 3 Ceiling Panels for $3,000, in 4 Ceiling Panels for $4,000 or in 5 Ceiling Panels for $5,000
Increase the Width of the System
Increase the Width of the Complete System from 2.8m to 3.7m for $3,500
Add Control4 Light Switch
Add a Control4 Light Switch for $450 or $850 fully installed
Add LED Effect Lighting
Add Perimeter LED Lighting in White or Blue for $1,500
Add an Additional Ceiling Panel
Add a 4th Ceiling Panel for $2,000, or with Stars for $3,000
Add Control4 Remote
Add a SR260 Remote for $412 or $617 with a rechargeable battery or a Halo Remote for $950 or a Halo Touch for $1150.

Upgrade your AV System

Speaker Choices

CS16 Series
Core Series
Add $420
V65 Series
Add $630
QI 6.5″ Series
Add $1,120
Q4 Series
Add $1,440
DS Series
Add $1,470
100 Series
Add $2,180
Mini/4 Sat
Add $2,500
RP LCR Series
Add $3,720

Subwoofer Choices

Add $100
Add $200
Add $200
Add $400
SB1000 Pro
Add $450
Impact X10
Add $500
HT/1003 MKII
Add $600
HT/1205 MKII
Add $1,000

AV Receiver Choices

No Cost Change
Add $200
Add $300
Add $600
Add $600
Add $700
DRX 2.4
Add $900
Cinema 70
Add $1,000