Theatre at Home Framing System
Control4 App Control
LED Room Lighting
Dolby Atmos Sound System
Acoustic Ceiling
Custom Equipment Cabinet
Big Screen 4K Picture
Professional Installation

Theatre Three

$ 37,900
  • Theatre at Home Framing & Covering System
  • Acoustic Ceiling with Integrated LED Lighting
  • Custom Equipment Cabinet
  • Sony VPL-XW5000ES 4K Projector
  • 130" Acoustically Transparent Screen
  • Onkyo TX-RZ50 AV Receiver
  • Klipsch Reference Premiere Series Speakers x 5
  • Klipsch Reference Premiere Series Atmos Speakers x 2
  • REL HT/1205 MKII 12" Subwoofer
  • Premium 8 Outlet Surge Protection Power Board
  • All Cables, Accessories And Other Required Parts
  • Control4 Room Controller For AV & Lighting
  • System Installation & Calibration

Customise Your System

Projector Choices

Add $1,000
Add $7,000
Add $15,000
Add $15,500
Add $31,000

Speaker Choices

RP LCR Series
RP Series
Add $550
Performance 8 Series
Add $560
Q8 Series
Add $1,925
Creator 2
Add $1,950
300 Series
Add $3,010
Bronze/4 LCR
Add $3,025
THX & RP Series
Add $4,150
CI30 Series
Add $9,600

Subwoofer Choices

HT/1205 MKII
SB2000 Pro
Add $100
Add $400
Add $500
Silver W-12
Add $600
SB3000 Pro
Add $700
Add $700
VI-Q 12
Add $1,600
Add $2,800

AV Receiver Choices

Save $400
Cinema 60
Save $100
Add $100
DRX 5.4
Add $500
Add $1,000
Cinema 50
Add $1,000
Add $1,300
Add $2,300

Take Your Cinematic Experience to Another Level

Add Starlights
Add Stars in 3 Ceiling Panels for $3,000, or in 4 Ceiling Panels for $4,000
Choose a Cabinet Colour
5 Colour Choices Available
Increase the Width of the System
Increase the Width of the Complete System to 3.7m for $3,500
Add Manhattan Brooklyn Pro Cinema Seats
Add 3 Seats in Fabric for $7,497 or in Leather for $8,597. Add 4 Seats in fabric for $9,796 or in Leather for $11,396
Add Side Wall Acoustic Feature
Add 6 Side Wall Columns with Lighting for $12,000. Add 4 Large Acoustic Panels with Lighting for $12,000. Add a Custom Side Wall Bar Joinery with LED Lighting for $5,500. Add a Custom Acrylic Bar with RGB Backlighting for $19,000.
Add LED Effect Lighting
Add Perimeter LED Lighting in White or Blue for $1,500
Add Control4 Accessories
Add a Control4 Light Switch for $850. Add a SR260 Remote for $412 or $617 with a rechargeable battery or a Halo Remote for $950 or a Halo Touch for $1150. Add a 8″ Touch Screen for $2,750 or, a 10″ Touch Screen for $3,400
Add an Additional Ceiling Panel
Add a 4th Ceiling Panel for $2,000, or with Stars for $3,000
Add Manhattan New Yorker Pro Cinema Seats
Add 3 Seats in Fabric for $8,097 or in Leather for $9,197. Add 4 Seats in fabric for $10,746 or in Leather for $12,196
Add Rear Wall Acoustic Feature
Add an Artnovion Avalon Flow 1.8m x 2.4m Panel without Lighting for $8,700 or with LED Backlighting for $10,700