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Onkyo SR Series

The Onkyo SR series of AVR’s are the perfect choice for setting up a quality home theatre system, or for customers wanting to upgrade from soundbar performance to something more dynamic and impactful. Enhanced with 3D surround-sound courtesy of a Dolby Atmos Height Virtualiser and the heart-pounding thrills of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X soundtracks, the SR A/V receivers deliver outstanding sound.

Onkyo NR Series

The Onkyo NR series of AVRs is full of products to suit a wide range of entertainment interests from intermediate home theatre to higher resolution music streaming. Featuring five powerful products, the NR series has the right AVR for every home theatre, delivering a best-in-class entertainment experience for your movies, music, and next-gen gaming systems.

Onkyo RZ Series

The Onkyo RZ series offers the best of the best Onkyo AVRs on the market today with remarkably pure sound, stellar visuals and the latest technologies to power the heart of your home theatre system. Built for avid home entertainment enthusiasts, especially gamers and home theatre buffs with premium speakers, the RZ line offers some of the best circuitry and processing design in the AV space.

With uncompromising high-resolution audio/video reproduction, you’ll enjoy movies, music and games exactly as the creators intended.

What's the onkyo difference?

Onkyo’s unique approach to amplification centers on extracting energy and dynamism from the original recording. Hear every detail, feel every emotion.


Onkyo’s philosophy for delivering wholly immersive entertainment focuses not on theoretical performance, but on how the sound feels in real life. Onkyo’s proprietary technologies, as well as licensed technology from the best in the A/V business, provide the performance and quality that defines Onkyo. 

Whether enjoying vinyl or an object-mixed film soundtrack, be transported into the world created by musician and director. Expect transcendence without caveat or compromise from a selection of products built by professionals who live for great sound.