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Monitor Audio W150 LCR Series Speakers

  • 1″ pivoting gold dome tweeter for detailed sound and extended high-frequency response
  • Tweeter uses ultra-rigid, lightweight C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium alloy) cone material to provide high efficiency and low distortion

Monitor Audio W380 Series Speakers

  • Pivoting IDC C-CAM gold dome tweeter
  • Pivoting module consisting of IDC midrange driver and C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter
  • C-CAM bass driver featuring Rigid Surface Technology
  • High frequency level adjustment (+/-3 dB)

Monitor Audio CP IW460 Series Speakers

  • Bass drivers featuring RST ‘dimpled’ cone technology
  • Die-cast alloy bass driver chassis provides rigidity; results in punch bass and clean mid-range performance due to reduced transfer of vibrations
  • Mid-range drivers featuring RST ‘dimpled’ cone and underhung voice coil technologies
  • Cast Polymer enclosure – designed to provide high degree of rigidity and acoustic damping properties
  • High-end crossover design – featuring low loss inductors and audiophile grade Polypropylene capacitors

Monitor Audio MRW-10 10" Subwoofer

  • Powerful 100 W Class D power amplifier – high efficiency and punchy bass delivery
  • DSP processing with all control features and crossover performed in the digital domain
  • 12 V trigger – provides switching control from AV amp, processor, or home automation control system

Monitor Audio Bronze W10 10" Subwoofer

  • Long-throw 10″ driver featuring ‘dished’ C-CAM
  • 10″ flat panel Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) positioned underneath the unit
  • Class D amplifier with high current Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPSU)

Monitor Audio Gold W12 12" Subwoofer

  • Punchy bass below 20 Hz
  • DSP processing with all control features and crossover performed digitally
  • USB for connection to ‘SubConnect’ application, firmware updates and service
  • Top mounted control panel

monitor audio

Phenomenal audio is more than the sum of its parts. Monitor Audio’s mission is to make audio human.


Mo Iqbal founded Monitor Audio in 1972. From a small base near Cambridge, Mo worked with a tight-knit team of engineers, assembling loudspeakers by hand – with quality, precision and a near-maddening perfectionism which is still with Monitor Audio today.

From the very first speaker, the iconic MA1, the brand developed, innovated, designed and refined, with a pioneering approach that saw patent after patent filed. It’s an ethos that hasn’t changed at all. In fact, Monitor Audio is one of very few high-end audio brands still developing new, cutting-edge technologies today.